The word originates from the old PersianAbkari” and the Sanskrit language “Aba” or “Sabha“, which is referred to as “gathering place”. In Pahlavi language, it is called “Wachar” or “Wazar” and then entered into the modern Persian as “Bazaar“. It is widely spead into languages like Urdu and Arabian as “Bazaar“. In the end, we are able to trace the word into the following  languages: 

Bazaar in English, Dutch and Latin 
Bazar in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese and Polish 
Basar in German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Basaari in Finnish
Bazár in Hungarian
базар in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, Bulgarian  
բազար in Armenian 
 बाजार (= bazar) in Hindi 
바자 (Baja) in Korean 
παζάρι (= pazari) in Greek
pazar in Turkish
 pasar in Indonesian
バザール (= bazaaru) in Japanese